Burleigh Street, Barnsley

Barnsley Project

The building is located in Burleigh Street, Barnsley and this visually stunning building project comprises of uniqe 86 apartments.


Those 86 apartments will be fitted with luxury Scavolini kitchens and unique bathrooms.


Thanks to the great know-how acquired in more than 20 years of activity in the kitchen industry field, we as a commercial contract partner well able to support them throughout all the most important stages, both in making sales valuable and in developing projects.


The ability of us to understand the spending capacity of the potential client will prove to be very important -meaning that the interview is essential- in order to avoid forfeiting opportunities to make realities. The attention paid to price by many groups of consumers has become increasingly acute, as has the demand for real performance, services, tangible quality, design and innovation.

Suffices to satisfy the demand.

With this specified contract; Scavolini Easy is a line comprising four models; URBAN, URBAN Minimal, COLONY and HIGHLAND which conceived and developed by Scavolini to meet market demands and provide our client with a further, important extension to the product range in order to avoid any loss of effectiveness on any segment of demand.

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Italy’s biggest seller of fitted kitchens since 1984, GOSS Kitchens is a company with large production capacity and innovative technology, responsive to the market’s latest demands and known for its financial soundness, capable of assuring all its associates continuous, profitable business. Thanks to the impressive logistic capability typical of a major company and the recognition of a brand that inspires trust in Italy and world-wide, nowadays we also plays a leading role in the complex Contract System. Our various corporate plus factors translate into concrete benefits for those working in this sector who is interested in doing business with it.

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